Misha-elle Hammer

When we have experienced pain in our lives we become unbalanced and emotionally crippled. 

Pain in our emotions hinder, prevent and stop us from progressing toward a life of fulfillment.  Several types of emotionally wounding experiences will come into our lives in order to create bondage within that steals and distorts our true identity of loved, whole and beautiful creatures that we have been created to be and become.

  Unless we learn what emotional tools we need to recreate, transform, heal and maintain the path to healing and wholeness, we are susceptible to living repeatable patterns that will keep us locked in unhealthy, broken and depleting relationships. These patterns result in low self-esteem, lack in self-care, setting and maintaing boundaries.  

Reclaiming your life, on your terms, brings you to an empowered state that will manifest your highest divine purpose, identity and truest loved self.  You do not have to stay in a life that you are unhappy with.  Reclaiming what you know your life is supposed to feel like is the answer you have been seeking for.  Everything becomes possible because you are living healed and aligned with your desires and goals.

Misha is a wonderful and compassionate listener. From the beginning of our session, I can feel that she is 100% focused on what I’m saying and letting me express all my feelings with no interruption. Her tone was always warm and empathic and her questions were clear, short and easy to understand. She helped me clarify my thoughts and guided me what I needed to do next. The action steps that we came up with were clear, realistic and achievable, so I felt confident to complete. Misha is a wonderful coach and I have no doubt that she will be very successful in her coaching business.

-Mari. M. (Transitions Life Coach)

Betrayal, confusion and lack of boundaries use to be my story.

I suffered in many different forms of relationships.  My life lacked boundaries, clarity and happiness.  I gave the wrong people my time, love, gifts and power without knowing the hurt that I would face because of my lack of self-love, knowledge and commitment to my boundaries.  I ignored intuition, broken feelings and knowledge in order to give others the benefit of the doubt.  I thought I was doing it because of love, when actually, I was slowly giving away my power to live a prosperous and abundant life. 

I was left feeling broken, misunderstood and lost.

I didn’t know how to heal or what were the causes of perpetually broken relationships with family, romance and friendships.  I denied my own feelings to passify others behavior.  I was unhappy and unfulfilled.

I found myself through life coaching.

Here I found the key to manifesting my truest divine self. I learned what my purpose was and how to create that purpose in my life and others. Life coaching allowed me to give myself the permission to pursue my goals without needing the approval or understanding from others. I chose my happiness over ridicule and doubt. I acknowledged that my heart was worth the inside work that needed to be done so that I could honor the way that I felt and accept when situations do not align with my truest identity.

I found that my story had many truths that could help others that were struggling with aligning with their truest self.  I naturally cared for people and listened well to others.  As I grew as a life coach, I discovered that my divine purpose was to equip, support and encourage others to thrive in their own story of pain to purpose.

My people are the “Lovers”, the “go-to person”, “strong one”, “light-bearers”- because that is who I am too.

I’ve been privileged to help others in their own path that produces happiness, change and transformation as they determine what is best for them by encouraging them to align with what they most deeply desire.

Their testimonies include change in romantic relationships, successfully implementing boundaries, transitioning into new work and, an improvement in self-care and self-love.

I’ve known what it is to suffer emotionally and spiritually by not listening to my inward self and forfeiting my internal compass to appease others around me.

When there is no one around you to confirm or support your emotional and spiritual needs, we feel alone.  Denying this need creates confusion and failure.  Seeking help that fits, resolves the inner turmoil, leading you to the answers that have always been within yourself.

I began to resolve my many conflicts with truth and love for myself and love for others.  Developing my boundaries while pursuing my healing brought me to victories and an abundant life that I achieved through setting goals and listening intently to the guidance of truth.  Every gift and talent that I was created to possess worked in my favor as I began to uncover and apply all that made me uniquely myself.

I can help you discover and live your own abundant life on your own terms and with you in mind.

Where you become healed.

Where you change your life from pain to purpose.

Where you see how powerful you are.

Where you bring to pass your divine purpose.

Where you finally understand what you went through is working for your good.

“She listened intensely and guided me to find solutions instead of telling me what to do.”

-Tamika A. (College Student) 

You’ll no longer accept painful behavior from others.

During life coaching, you will align with your own voice and your own desires. You will receive the support you long for and need so that you can produce your favor, goals and outcomes that you are happy with. You will no longer abandon your own needs in order to fit in or be loved.

With new awareness and appreciation for yourself,

 you’ll replace limiting and self-sabotaging thoughts, beliefs and behaviors with empowering, confident and courageous choices that will transform your reality.

Come into this sacred work

All it takes is a commitment to yourself


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