Misha-elle Hammer

In their own words…


Asking the right questions opens you up to impossible possibilities. 

Misha has the ability to make you feel so safe and listened to. She asks questions that will get you thinking about your self from vantage point never seen before, conjuring up the answers you needed that were hidden in your soul.

-Tammy H. (School Office Manager)  

I just needed someone to truly listen to me, to actually “get it”.

Misha is a wonderful and compassionate listener. From the beginning of our session, I can feel that she is 100% focused on what I’m saying and letting me express all my feelings with no interruption. Her tone was always warm and empathic and her questions were clear, short and easy to understand. She helped me clarify my thoughts and guided me what I needed to do next. The action steps that we came up with were clear, realistic and achievable, so I felt confident to complete. Misha is a wonderful coach and I have no doubt that she will be very successful in her coaching business.

-Mari M. (Stay at Home Mom) 

I needed to figure it out for myself.

She listened intensely and guided me to find solutions instead of telling me what to do.

-Tamika A. (Business Manager) 

I have a changed life.

Misha has changed my life for the better. She has helped me to zoom in on myself and my healing. I’m thankful for her.

-Shawnee T. (Non-Profit Business Owner) 

My goals became measurable.

Great coaching session with Misha! She was able to get to the root of my problem and help me set attainable and measurable goals.

-Cynthia H. (Real Estate Agent and Investor)  

I just needed support to get me to my breakthrough.

Her commitment to me and our sessions have been impeccable! Communication is perfect and she lifts me up and makes me feel motivated!

-Shereen I. (Certified Life Coach) 

Be happy.

You are worthy of being loved and living the abundant life that inspires and excites you.
Where you are whole, healed and manifesting your divine purpose intentionally and effectively.
Where you are your truest self without limitations.

This is sacred and higher minded work.

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