Misha-elle Hammer

How to Stop Comparisonitis and Reclaim Your Voice

Women empowerment

What is it? The term “comparisonitis” is not found in a dictionary, but we frequently use it when talking with other people and other online coaches. We use it to express how we feel when observing other people’s actions and manner of engagement about our actions and manner of engagement in the same situation.   […]

How life Coach Can Help You to Cut out Self-Destructive Habits

Life Coach

A life coach is a kind of wellness expert who supports people in their efforts to enhance their lives and find more pleasure. Relationships, professions, and women empowerment quality of life are all improved by coaching that helps to assist the spiritual, divine features of the clients. Although coaching is a new formal area, it […]

Why Divine Purpose Is Important In Life

divine purpose coach

You already possess a wealth of life experiences, knowledge, talents, strength, and other attributes. It’s time to put what you’ve learned into practice and utilize it to change the world and fulfil your holy life purpose. You can fulfil your divine mission without flashy credentials or degrees. (If you do, that’s fantastic!) You don’t need […]


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